Nefeli, Ioli and Armonia are the names that Pervolarakis' Family has chosen for the three deluxe villas that were completed with great taste and imagination in year 2010 and are found on the top of a green hill with background the light blue of the sea and the sky, covering a surface of 10.800sq.m.The villas are placed amphitheatrically at the village Agia Marina of the prefecture of Chania and at a distance of just 2km away from the cosmopolitan sandy beach and the tourist centre of the region, while the total distance from the centre of the city of Chania hardly reaches that of 8km. More specifically, the three inspired creations are situated in the area that is best known as "NEROSPILIA", which took it' s name after a nearby cave that was used at the old years as place of worship and which is easily accessible even today. A harmonious coexistence of natural materials and modern element has been carefully selected for the construction of the three villas in order to obtain an aesthetic result that is perfectly combined with the natural beauty of the region and the olive groves that unfold all around, creating a unique sense of calm and peacefulness. It's worth to mention that the area is ideal for walking and tour around the green paths. Inside the property you can access a plethora of fruit trees full of fruits and flowers to pick and enjoy. Secluded bays provide privacy and absolute relaxation.